Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Oh the shame!

I have a hairdresser that I've been using for the past few years. She's very good and I've never been disappointed. I took Caitlin to a different hair stylist recently and on a whim, I made an appointment for myself to have my hair cut and foiled with the same girl that she was using. Unfortunately, today, I ran into my regular hair stylist at the grocery store. We said our "hellos" and as she walked off, I was left feeling like I had betrayed a close friend. Yes, it was obvious that my hair was different. I guess it was bound to happen in a town this small but you still hope that the Gods will be kind and spare you this shame. Looks like I might have a new hairdresser now. So that's how my day started out and only got more interesting from there.... but that's another story entirely.


Tanya said...

Do I already know the other story? :-)

DeeBee said...

You certainly do!