Friday, May 05, 2006

Me... Me....Me!

Some weeks I feel I have too much to talk about and then other times I feel like I just have nothing to say. This week has been one of those "nothing to say" weeks. Even though it's been very busy.

Hayden stayed home from school 3 days with a case of pink eye so those days were shot to hell as far as my "me" time. I took my cat to the vet on Monday, who was miraculously cured one day and $85 later. Then I was called into work on Thursday so that day was lost. Today is ok except that I had a meeting this morning which meant that I had to get up early, shower and dress before I had a chance to have breakfast. I'm already looking forward to next week when I can rush the kids off to school and have every day to myself. Call me selfish.

Dylan's high school soccer team has a quarter-final game tonight so the entire family will be attending that event. I hope it goes well. Lots of soccer this weekend but it's close to home so we are very excited about the games.

Caitlin has a boyfriend and I think he's great, but if he tries anything inappropriate with her... I'm going to kill him and I've already told her so. But right now, we love him.

I think Cody is looking forward to Mother's Day tea next Friday because he keeps bringing the subject up and asking if I know what they are making at school for the mothers. I could take advantage of the child and find out everything...but I won't. It's going to be really nice though, because it's on my birthday so I'm calling it my special party they are throwing for me. :-) I constantly remind my kids about my bday and tell them what an important day it is. I think it's imperative to not let them forget how absolutely fantastic I am.

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Tanya said...

Oh, the Mother's Day Teas. Those were the good ole days.

Glad to hear your week is going to get back to normal next week.