Friday, August 22, 2008

Sir, do you have ANY manners??

While on my lunch hour from work, I took my car to get a hole in one of the tires fixed where a piece of metal had wedged itself into the rubber and allowed air to seep out ever so slowly, but enough to be a problem. Instead of waiting while they worked on it, I walked next door to grab a bite to eat at Arby's. I had to dine in since the drive through option was no longer an option with my car waiting its turn to be repaired. I'm not a big fan of dining in at fast food restaurants because they aren't especially clean and there is just something about it that makes me lose my appetite. But what choice did I have this time?

So as I begin to enjoy my curly fries and Arby's roast beef sandwich, I hear someone blowing their nose. I look up to see a man across the room with his napkin or maybe a hanky (please don't let it be a hanky!) pulled up around his face blowing away. I'm fully disgusted that this "person" has no regard for the other customers and myself who are trying to enjoy their lunch while he makes disgusting noises and digs at his nose. I don't use the word "dig" loosely. This was the work of an artist. I knew this after watching him work that napkin wrapped finger around and around every inch of that nostril, poking, pushing and jamming for the longest time I've every witnessed this task. Not something that I like to witness but if I see anyone doing anything in public that's disrespectful, I like to give them the attention they seem to be begging for, so I stare and make faces.

It was a horrible thing to see and I had to look away when he repeated the same actions with the other side of his nose. This was his Olympic event and he was going for gold!


Not-so Domestic Goddess said...

Oh, yuck! Even my kids know better than do that, especially in public, while eating. Good grief!!

Angie said...