Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Breaking Dawn

The fourth and last book in the Twilight series is out and I can't wait to read it. Caitlin is almost finished with Breaking Dawn and then I'll be getting to read what I hear is the best book in the entire collection. I can't wait!!

I heard last week that the sales of her books were breaking records and have or will have out sold the Harry Potter books soon. I've not heard one person who has read them, say they didn't love it.


Dawn said...

I've been meaning to post on these books but haven't yet.

I just got Breaking Dawn in the mail yesterday. I have been buggin the postman since the first! LOL

I had pre-ordered it months ago so you would THINK that means you'd be one of the first to get it. NOOOO! My friend ordered hers last week and still got it before mine got here. Waa!

But, I'm in the third chapter now and LOVING it!! I can't wait for the movie in December!!

Tanya said...

I'm afraid that once I start New Moon that my students will suffer!