Saturday, August 09, 2008

All these words are so confusing

Here is a conversation between Ray and Hayden while driving home from soccer practice.

Hayden: How do you spell ammonia?
Ray: a-m-m-o-n-i-a.

Hayden begins texting to one of his friends.

Ray: Why do you want to know how to spell that?
Hayden: I'm telling one of my friends that Bernie Mac died.

I'm not making fun of this sad situation, but it's funny how kids can be so mistaken sometimes. Of course it's sad that Bernie Mac died of pneumonia today. My kids knew of him and enjoyed his character in his last sitcom, "The Bernie Mac Show".


Dawn said...

I am so laughing. RIP to the Mac but this was funny! Kids are great!

Tanya said...

That's so cute - it reminds you how young and innocent they still are. Hayden shouldn't feel bad...I'm embarrassed at the things I learned as an ADULT!

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