Monday, August 18, 2008

Exercise for the brain

I'm still here. I've just been getting the kids to school and adjusting to my work schedule. On my days off, I'm getting the laundry caught up and a few other things around the house. I'm also staying a bit secluded these days. It's something that happens to me when I'm on a diet, kind of like hibernating. I'll come out of it in another month or six weeks.

I've been working on logic puzzles, crosswords, and other similiar type puzzles lately. It gives my mind something else to do besides watching tv. Not to mention it keeps me occupied and out of the kitchen looking for a snack.

I have a big decision to make soon. Dylan graduates from the Air Force during the same weekend that Caitlin is suppose to be gone to a tournament. We can't really afford both trips and I don't want to miss his graduation ceremony. The soccer tournament is not anything special except for the location... sunny California. I wish I knew how important of an event that the Air Force graduation will be. I don't want Dylan to be the only one who doesn't have his parents there to support him and Ray has no interest in attending, if you can believe that. The question of the day is what do I do?


Dawn said...

Here's my opinion. A graduation of any kind is important. :)

I hope you get it worked out and everyone is okay with the decision.

I'm dieting too. Maybe I should take up puzzles.

Tanya said...

It seems it would be important to show Dylan support by someone being there. Ray doesn't want to go? Would that mean he'd go to California and you'd go to the graduation?

Anonymous said...

seems to me that socer is all the time but this graduation is once in a lifetime. good luck !!!