Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Yahoo Cody

I'm not sure why Cody keeps me updated on Yahoo news but this has become a regular thing.

Cody: You know the I-Phone?
Me: Yeah
Cody: Well now it has a GPS and the price has gone down.

Cody: Jessica Alba and her husband named their baby.
Me: oh, ok.

Cody: Gas prices are $4 now.
Me: wow.

Cody: There's something on the internet about how not to waste gas.
Me: I've seen that before.

Cody: They have this thing that helps your car to save gas.
Me: I saw that on tv this morning.

Cody: Anyway, it said on the news, that Evil Knievel’s son jumped 21 Hummers.
Me: Oh yeah, I saw that.

Cody: This girl died when she was 115 years old and her brain was perfectly healthy.
Me: that's amazing.

Gotta love him!

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