Monday, June 30, 2008

Why are they called "wisdom" teeth?

I'm taking my daughter to an oral surgeon today to have her wisdom teeth removed. That will probably consume most of my day with the trip to the pharmacy afterwards and then a stop for something to put in her stomach. I'll then head to the grocery store to pick up the types of items that she can eat for the next few days. I told her I was going to video tape her behavior after the procedure to use as blackmail when needed. Just passing that along to all of you other moms because we need to stick together.


The Hunter's Wife said...

Is she having all 4 pulled? I had mine all pulled at 22. I really don't remember it being a big deal. Just aggravating afterward with food getting stuck in the holes. lol

Good luck to her!

Tanya said...

Aaww...hope she's doing okay. Maybe I'll have a chance to call tomorrow. Should be a quieter/less busy day!

Anonymous said...

I hope she does good. I have to have all 4 of mine cut out (they were growing in under my other teeth). Ouch!

Oh, and pop over to this post when you get a chance. I shared some more info on the Make A Mix books you were asking about.