Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Self Improvement is a good idea for everyone

I was watching 3 famous dads on the Today show and was really struck by what one of them had to say about making that effort to be a loving dad to his children.

He said that men are bigger, stronger and have deeper voices and when he speaks to his children he does so almost like a whisper. He also said that he is very aware that when something doesn't work well with his kids, he never does that again. He always tries to improve his dad skills. He is a best dad of the year.

I've seen some dads who tower over their children and point in their faces to make their point. As if their stature wasn't threatening enough. The look on those kids faces is just sad. There is a word for those people... bullies.

I'm glad to see these dads getting the word out about how to be a better dad when we've always seen mothers sharing what they have learned.

Happy Father's Day to all those great dads out there!!

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