Thursday, September 06, 2007

All about Wednesday

What a good feeling to have all the laundry caught up. Especially in a household of 6 people. So now I sit here and wonder what I'm going to do with myself today. Probably catch up on some of my reality programming.

I took Caitlin to see her boyfriend, Caleb, at work last night. That was fun because it was this little steakhouse north of Claremore and we made comments the whole time about their fancy napkins (paper towels sitting on the table) and how every time Caleb sat down to talk to us, the owner would yell at him to do something. Caitlin ordered chicken strips and I had french fries. I wasn't hungry and it was the smallest item on the menu. When they brought them out, Caleb had them make me a special plate (they aren't on the menu) of Cheese Fries which are fries topped with shredded cheese and bacon. Delicious.

We had lots of rain yesterday which was the makings for a beautiful day. But when the sun came out later that afternoon, it was not comfortable. Especially if you were trying to watch the RSU soccer game and sitting on concrete bleachers. It felt hotter than it actually was thanks to the humidity and not enough wind. I eventually moved under a tree where it was pleasant except for the game being such a bore. Caitlin's team plays better than what we've seen at Rogers State. But at least it's something to do, close to home, on a night when there is nothing else going on.

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Tanya said...

So I guess when y'all have a chance for rain, you actually GET rain. We have a severe thunderstorm warning and the sun is shining brightly. Ugh! P.S. I want some of those fries.