Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Running is like walking except for the part where I die.

I've been trying to run a mile in place of walking a mile lately. And yes, I'm pretty proud of myself because I've never run a day in my life except for the times when I snuck out of my parents' house and had to run to where I was going because it was miles away and there was no time to waste. The thing that stands out to me, about running back then, is that it took no effort whatsoever. I could have ran forever without having one thought that I was about to die like I do now. But don't ever ask me how fast I can run a mile because it's embarrassing and I don't expect it to ever get any faster. So there!!


Anonymous said...

I'm jealous. I heard that you ran a mile! I wish I could run half of half of half of that.

Tanya said...

We had to run a mile in P.E. one year. Maybe you decided not to show up that day. :-)

DeeBee said...

I was there... but I mostly walked it.