Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Tasks of the Week

This week has been extremely busy and I was only too happy to be confined to my room for most of the day due to having the house fogged because our pets have fleas. I haven't actually seen fleas throughout the house, but I wanted to make sure that if any were lurking around, they wouldn't be lurking for long. I fogged the entire house and stuffed a towel at the bottom of my door to keep from being gassed while I hid out in the only place I had to go today. It already feels pest free and I think the dogs and cats are thanking me with every scratchless moment they have.

I cleaned the garage on Monday and took Hayden to his soccer game that evening. I went to Tulsa and picked up my new computer desk on Tuesday and starting the assembly. I took a break to take Caitlin and Hayden to practice and continued my project later that night, finishing at nearly 1:00am in the morning. On Wednesday I moved the computer to it's new location, including running the wiring from it's current location to the other side of the wall. I had to move files and office supplies which sounds easier than it was. Then I was off to take Caitlin to her soccer practice. I made a point today for all my tasks to be less laborous. I'm exhausted and still have things I need to do, but today was nice and relaxing. I think I'll reward myself with another day of rest. Afterall, a couple of events that made it an extra special week consisted of me almost blinding myself and Caitlin with flea spray and nearly killing my favorite cat.

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