Thursday, May 24, 2007

2007 Graduation

Well we've succeeded with getting one of our children through high school. We attended the Claremore High School 2007 graduation tonight. The weather was great and the ceremony was nice but it was a little too long for Hayden and Cody.

After a long wait we finally watched Dylan cross the stage to receive his diploma. I hope we get a good picture from the photographer because our seats were not close enough to see him very well. I looked forward to the end where the entire class celebrated by throwing their caps up in the air. They also sprayed silly string at the end and threw beach balls around during the event which was fun to watch.

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Tanya said...

I looked again and yep, you can see Ray smiling. You have to look at his mouth only, because the eyes are frowning part. :-) It's a great picture of all of you!