Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Oklahoma's drought is over

5 inches of rain in one day is more than enough. That's what we received yesterday and more rain is expected today.

Taking baths now have to be minimal and there are restrictions on toilet flushing because the septic is backed up.

I also discovered that our carpet in the living room is wet along one of the walls. I'm sure it's seeping in from outside.

As soon as it dries up a little, we need to get out there and clean that gutter spout.


Tanya said...

That is crazy. We get a downpour that lasts for hours and we get maybe 1/2 inch of rain. I'll have to check what we got today...what kind of tree is that at the top?

DeeBee said...

That tree is my most favorite tree... a live oak. We have two of them and I won't let Ray touch them with the clippers without my supervision because I love them and I want them to live.