Thursday, May 10, 2007

Much Preparation

Leslie and I spent all Wednesday evening organizing our goods for the garage sale this weekend. Both of us are going to be busy the next couple of nights so this was the only day we had to get'r done. After borrowing a table from a neighbor we got down to work. And now that everything is in place, it's nice to have it all ready a few days ahead of time.

We have so much stuff to get rid of that I'm afraid one day is not going to be enough. We have smaller items marked very low in hopes of getting rid of it so we won't have to haul very much off to good will.


Tanya said...

Y'all are going to do great! That's a ton of stuff. The ping-pong table is a great place to put it all!

Tanya said...

I like that round table by the way. :-)