Wednesday, June 14, 2006

All things "abi-normal"

I've completed all of the major painting projects that I really wanted to get done except for my bedroom. I'm undecided about color so there's no need to continue at the moment. I'm going to paint the utility room, probably also red, and I'll just do that when I feel like it.

Hayden's tryouts are over and his team picked up 7 new players making the roster total 16. That is a lot of players but will work out if they play 11v11 most of the time. He's very excited about playing "real" soccer. They had to play 8v8 last year and it just sucks.

Everything is returning to normal after being on vacation, tryouts with Ray taking off from work, and all the painting that's been done the past week. I've actually cooked a couple of times recently and that's been nice. I don't like to cook... but I like to eat what I can make. The cost to feed this household is amazingly high. I went to the store yesterday for a few baking potatoes and came home with 5 sacks of groceries. How does that happen? Maybe that's why I don't like grocery shopping.

Well, I'm off to get things done today. So many things, so little time.


Tanya said...

I showed the pictures you sent me to the girls and they were impressed.

Tanya said...

Alright, time for some pics of the new kitten.