Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Curiosity killed the cat

I bought this new gadget yesterday, you may have heard of it…Scrub Free Automatic Shower cleaner. Hey...any help I can get with housework, I’m taking it. So I got it hung in the shower and was ready for it to get to work. The way it works is that you press a button and then after about 15 seconds a small sprayer on the gadget rotates around the shower spraying the walls with the cleaning solution. This thing beeps as it counts down so that you know when it’s about to start spraying and you can get the door/curtain closed. It’s really cool.

Well, I wanted to see this thing in action so I decided to just crack the shower door a bit so that I could watch it rotate and squirt. I stood there looking through the partially opened door, waiting as it counted down. Before I knew what happened, I had been sprayed in the face. At first I was stunned. I stood there waiting for my eyes to start stinging. The stinging never comes and so my thoughts are back to that sprayer. Since I still haven't seen what I was after and not wanting to be outdone by this small contraption, I’ve decided to try again.

After wiping the solution from my face, I survey my situation. The small sprayer was facing the opposite way so I knew I would have time to close the door before it rotated around and I would avoid a repeat of my first attempt. So there I am again, waiting and counting down with the automatic sprayer. I hear it start and before I know it, I’ve been struck again… in the face… again!! Well, needless to say, two tries was enough for me. I’m not making anymore attempts to watch this silly gadget. Not today, anyway.

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Tanya said...

What a clever little gadget that was - sneaking up on you like that. No stinging in the eyes?? That's weird. Alan and I saw that commercial a couple weeks ago, and he was quite impressed that someone came up with something THAT different. So here's what I would wonder. Can you use it in a shower that has a shower curtain? It would spray/clean the curtain I guess? Anyway....cool!!