Sunday, April 09, 2006

Just things

Hayden's in a tournament this weekend and so far they've won the first two games. Just three more games if they make it to the finals. My life doesn't exist during weekends like this because we spend the entire time getting ready to go to the games, driving to the games, being at the games, driving home from the games and going to bed so that we'll be rested for the next day of games. But it's fun believe it or not.

I added piercings to my ears a few weeks back and this Friday is the day that I can change them out. Too bad that I already did that a couple of weeks ago. :-) I'm worse than a kid sometimes.

We are going to Midland at the end of May and we are looking forward to that. We have many tournaments between now and then so we have little things to focus on to get us to the time of that trip. In fact the State games are the last weekend in May... in Oklahoma City, so we will be leaving from the tournament and heading to Texas. That will leave us only about 7 hours to drive instead of 9. We'll worry about the 9 hour trip home when that time comes.

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Tanya said...

i'll have to hear about how the rest of the games went!