Sunday, August 26, 2007

School bell time

I'm heading to OKC today (actually, Edmond) to take Caitlin to her game. This will be the toughest game in their league so hopefully things go well. They won yesterday's game 2-1 and that was the second hardest team in the league. So as you can see, today's game will be tough.

The kids have a good week behind them of school and everything is going great. Hayden adjusted quickly to Jr High without much anxiety. Cody will be starting the gifted program soon. I don't know if you can call it a gifted program, it's more like a program that's a gift. They have fun activities that the kids get to participate in and they focus on things that are a little more challenging. Caitlin's year started off sluggish socially but has just been boosted by a recent event that I'm sure I'll cover later. Dylan is in college and seems to be going well. He doesn't complain about classes, just gets done what needs to be done.

So things are great and as you can see, not much more to talk about. But wait until the pool guys show up to put in the pool. Surely I'll have pics and lots of info.

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