Friday, June 22, 2007

Dealing with things

I'm really feeling my age when I walk. If I'm not having difficulty breathing then I think I'm going to die of sweating too much. Maybe it's the humidity. Either way, it's not worth it. And it doesn't help things that I keep making nachos to eat. Today I made nachos and fat free pudding. The pudding balances out the fattening nachos, right?? I thought so.

I need to start posting about some important things that I would want to have on record (as if this blog will be saved for all eternity). I should make a post when I talk to Daddy. Like when he was talking about a book that he could write of poetry. I suggested he write a biography instead but he thought it would be pretty boring, but he was quick to come up with the title: "I Are... A Truck Driver". Recently, his attitude about his life has changed from negative to positive. This is especially remarkable since this change took place since he's been diagnosed with prostate cancer. I'm really glad that he's made efforts to sound more positive about things. Some people just don't get it that you should always re-evaluate your annoying personality traits and make self improvements. I hate when people think you should accept them the way they are. If that's how they are then I don't have much to do with them. Why would I want to surround myself with annoyance?

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addigator said...

i really like this post. and nachos sound really good right now.

how can i put yours and my moms sites on the side of my blog like yall have? it'd be alot easier to get to yalls pages.