Thursday, June 28, 2007

Can you hear me now?

I had gotten used to sleeping alone and when Ray returned from Midland, I bought a new fan to drown out the snoring that comes from his side of the bed. And it does make some noise.

I had the fan turned on high, the tv up loud enough to hear over the fan and was comfortably tucked into bed when Ray entered the room.

Ray: "Wow, that thing's loud."

Me: "WHAT??!"

Ray: "Yeah... TURN THE TV VOLUME UP TO 79!"

Me: "WHAT??!"


Tanya said...

As long as Ray doesn't start snoring louder, sounds like a good compromise to me!

addigator said...

lol. caitlin once told me that along with his snoring, sometimes he farts in his sleep. :)

and i remember ray telling my how you took advantage of his closet space the DAY he left, lol i thought that was hilarious.