Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Our lovely cats have been doing some interesting things today.

This is Kami using the grass cuttings to cover up her "poo".

And this is Mojo getting some exercise chasing the red laser light that we like to get out for our amusement.


Tanya said...

How boring would life be without our pets to amuse us. And is there some story behind all the screaming in the background about "take a picture!" Are they talking about the cat and who are they? :-)

Anonymous said...

nice videos :) i miss having junior around to laugh at.

anyway - right now i'm having to give my dad twenty bucks out of every paycheck for a phone bill. & i spend about 40 or 50 on gas, save some for gas..and unless i need to buy something, THEN it goes into my savings account..not too great.