Thursday, March 01, 2007

Sleep Be a Lady Tonight

Well, that was a glorious night of "no sleep whatsoever". I don't know if it was the medicine that I'm taking for strep (not the antibotic, the Mucinex for the other symptoms) or the fact that I hadn't eaten since 1:00pm yesterday. Could have been the combination of both. Whatever it was, sleep did not want to come for me. I maybe got 3-4 hours and ending up getting up at 4:30. Nice.

I took Caitlin to the doctor yesterday and found out she has strep. So no school for the 4th day for her. Not to mention the soccer she's missing. Luckily the doctor put us both on meds since I've been sick the past couple of weeks and could have had it myself.

Today I'll be taking Dylan to the EOOC because his soccer trainer at the school thinks he may have "Compartment Syndrome" in his leg and apparently it could be serious. Dylan thinks it's not as serious as they may think and you know 17 year olds.... they know everything. But anyway, I was told to get him in immediately, so first thing this morning, we will know something.

I'm off to sleep do house chores. I mean.. what else would a person be doing at this time of morning.

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