Sunday, March 18, 2007

My weekend project...

...was painting the utility room. I took advantage of this time because Ray was out of town with Hayden. Less people in the house meant less interruptions. This little room has needed a fresh coat of paint for several years now but I was undecided on what color of paint until recently. I think this Khaki color was what I meant to paint my master bath but went too far on the green side of the color palette with that project. I'm just not good at picking paint colors. Oh well, good thing about paint, it's easy to change.

But now my utility room is complete. Even the inside of the cabinets are organized. The new red baskets on top of the cabinets helped make more space inside the cabinets and that made organizing much easier.

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Tanya said...

Pretty!!! Love the baskets.'s cold there.