Thursday, December 28, 2006

Lemons?...Make Lemonade

Thought I would share pics of my haircut that I sort of got by accident. You just never know how short a stylist is going to cut your hair. Sometimes they are conservative and sometimes they just aren't. I don't usually mind how short it gets cut because I can usually always style it the same way no matter the length and it always grows back pretty quickly. This time it was about as short as it's been in a long, long time. I discovered today that I can style it like I did when I had my hair cut off in the back a few years back. So today, I'm loving my hair. I've been tempted to cut my hair real short again but was afraid I wouldn't like it or wouldn't like growing it back out. If you've never had really short hair like this then just don't know how good it feels. It takes no time to fix and you don't have to touch it up all day. Not to mention, less hair product to buy. Wonder, if I'll keep it this way for awhile.

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Tanya said...

It's very cute. See my email. :-)