Monday, September 25, 2006

Marvelous Monday

Usually Mondays are not something to be looked forward to but today is a special day. This is my day off and my plan is to make it special. I'm going to watch a mindless, fun movie and I've made some of my favorite foods... spaghetti and broccoli cole slaw... for lunch. I have a Mr. Goodbar waiting for my special dessert/snack. All of the laundry is done, beds are made and I'm home alone while everyone is either at work or school. Except for Ray coming for lunch, the day is perfect. You can't be anything else but jealous of my situation. After all, it is quite glorious.

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Tanya said...

Oh how I miss those days. I plan to relish them come Thanksgiving and however long I have before I have a job. Sounds like you spent a day off the way they SHOULD be spent!