Sunday, October 08, 2006

Bunko in Broken Arrow

I filled in as a sub in a Bunko game this past Friday. I'm a home body and I had dreaded going all week because that's just how I roll, but I ended up having a good time. I had completely forgotten how to play the game since it's been over 8 years and my memory is just not as sharp these days. Quite honestly, nothing was familiar about the game except for the rolling of the dice. And even that seemed different. Did the game always use only 3 dice??

I did walk away with a delicious Chicken Tortilla Soup recipe which I made for dinner yesterday. Everyone ate it except for the 2 young-uns in our household. I guess it had too many colors and "things" in it.

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Tanya said...

So do you think you'll play again? I still like playing with Denise's group. I can't believe you didn't even remember how many dice!!!