Thursday, September 07, 2006

Midland-icky poo

We are going on a mini vacation next week and the entire family is looking forward to it. We haven't done this since Hayden was a baby. It will be a short trip but it's better than nothing. Branson, MO... here we come.

Ray has an opportunity to take a job in Midland, and that literally makes me sick to my stomach to think it might happen. I don't ask about it because I'm afraid of the answer and I thought the whole idea had gone away but now I'm not so sure. Midland has nothing to offer me. I wish Midland would blow away. (not literally, just the idea)

I love the Tulsa area. Everything about it. It's amazing to live in a place that has so much to offer and so many things to love.
Weather, people, shopping... it's all great.

The thing that scares me the most about Midland is the school system. I have to worry about Hayden because he just doesn't adjust to new and different very well and this is very different! We finally have him with teachers that he loves this year and he's feeling confident about it, which is important. I think only moms think about these things when raising their kids. We are in a school system now that I would love for my kids to graduate from. The elementary school where Cody is at received "over the top" scores on their testing from last year and they are tooting their horn about it now.

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Tanya said...

Yep, Midland is not the place to be. Ugly, boring, snobby, and in the middle of friggin nowhere. And way too conservative for me.