Thursday, January 01, 2009

It's January 1st, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Hope everyone had a safe and happy New Years Eve. I made salsa, a bean dip to have with chips and cookies that failed miserably. I think it might have been the shortage of baking soda. The cookies were delicious but flat.

This year I actually stayed up until midnight. Well... sort of. I think I might have dozed off a time or two while watching tv, but I was up and about at 5 minutes before midnight and stayed that way until the clock struck twelve. I quickly found myself in bed shortly after where I had no problem finding dreamland.


Yogi said...

We celebrated twice. At 11 with SuperPizzaBoy and then watched the ball drop again at 12.

Dawn said...

OH, I was up wayyyyy to late! I think I went to sleep at 2!! For me that's super late.

We went to Michelle's and partied on the Rock Band! LOL!

Happy New Year!! I can't wait to meet you THIS MONTH! :)

Michelle said...

We had a wonderful New Years Eve with our friends Dawn and Brett and all the kiddos. So much fun. Happy New Years! :)

Baloney said...

Happy New Year!!

lagirl said...

I'm always up really late so New Years Eve is just another night to me, just with a lot more snackies. Yum!. . .I lived in Tulsa, Okla all my life until 5 years ago when we relocated to Louisiana. Most of my family lives there, so we go there often. Happy New Year to you, my new Blog buddy in Oklahoma!