Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Travel to and fro

I couldn't lift a finger to type a new post the last couple of days. It was a busy weekend in Houston with a late night drive back home and I had to be at work by 6am the next morning. So after working the last couple of days, I'm now re-energizing my cells.

Dylan called this past weekend and I was able to talk to him for awhile and get better idea of what was happening at basic training. Just one more week until his graduation in San Antonio. It will be a great way to spend Thanksgiving.


The Hunter's Wife said...

I'm sure you are excited to see him.

Dawn said...

You stay so busy!! I know how much you are looking forward to seeing Dylan next week. It will truly be a THANKSgiving.

Donna said...

I know you are ready to see him. I hope you all have a GREAT and safe Thanksgiving!