Thursday, November 27, 2008

Crime capital of Texas

We were in our hotel room on the evening of our second day in San Antonio when we heard a crash outside in the parking lot. Hayden, who is notorious for playing pranks, looked out the window and told us that my car had been hit. We were all like, "yeah right.. whatever". I looked out the window and sure enough my car had been hit by a small red car and hit hard enough that it moved my car over 6 feet from the place it previously had been parked. There were 3 boys standing outside the red car so we rushed out to the scene of the accident. When we made it out to the parking lot, they were mad about the damage to their own car. I was telling them to look at the damage done to my car and they responded again with "but our car is worse!". Stupid punks!

While we were calling the police and accessing the damage, two of the boys took off running and never returned. I think the driver would also have left the scene had his car been able to run, but it was messed up good. Fortunately for us, he had to call his mom, and we were able to collect insurance information. These boys had dropped a large flashlight in the grass and we are guessing they were using that to look into cars for valuables. Luckily my car is fine except for missing part of the bumper and we aren't able to open the back hatch door because of parts that are bent out of shape.

The last time we were in San Antonio was 15 years ago and on our first night at our hotel, we had our car stolen. "San Antonio, we hear your message loud and clear... we do not want to come back just as much as you obviously don't want us here."


Soxy Deb said...

Oh great googly moogly - you have to be kidding me?! Glad you were able to get the insurance info, lucky the driver wasn't able to take off too. Punks.

Petula said...

That sucks! I'm glad you were able to get the insurance information and hopefully will get your car repaired soon. Yes, I'm with you - it must be a sign to stay out of San Antonio!

Angie said...