Friday, May 16, 2008

Not for sensitive stomachs

Earlier this week, I was taking the kids to school. Hayden was sitting in the front and Cody was obliviously playing his Nintendo DS in the back. As we drove down the road, Hayden and I silently noticed that we were approaching a buzzard in the middle of the road eating a fresh road kill. This was nothing new but the next few seconds made us squeal a bit.

As my car approached the bird, he started to take flight as all birds usually do in the presence of oncoming traffic. This bird however was not willing to leave his breakfast behind so had grabbed a hold of it and flew up giving Hayden and I a view of a 2 foot long stringy "somethin' another" with a wad of a "thingy majig" dangling at the end of it. As it dangled over the hood of my car, I watched to see if this mass of guts was going to plop onto my bright shiny white car.

We made it past this horrific scene without incident but couldn't believe what we had just witnessed, and so early after breakfast. Hayden and I had been shreaking "ewwwws" as this took place, but after it had passed and I looked over at Hayden in that "Can you believe that just happened?" kind of way, he held his hand in the air in a way to ask for that congratulatory high five. He thought that was way cool! Cody missed it all.

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