Friday, May 02, 2008

Done with planting... for now.

I went shopping for a tropical palm this week and also found this Tiny Ghost Asiatic Lily. I think it also looks tropical and the red color is beautiful.

Before the most "hell-atious" wind arrived to ruin what could have been two beautiful days, I was able to finish up my landscaping project this week. I took a lot of time deciding exactly where each plant belonged so I hope I haven't made any mistakes. I hate when I do that. Notice the "joysticks" up front and center. It was a roundabout recommendation from Tanya. And once she mentioned it was an evergreen, I was sold.

I was able to plant the last azalea that I've had waiting patiently while I worked up some "want to".

I'm finished landscaping around the pool. Now all that is left is to keep it alive.


Tanya said...

It looks like a lot of time, effort (and money!) went into the landscaping, and it looks great!

The Hunter's Wife said...

Your landscaping looks great and as neat and clean as mine. :)

Anonymous said...

Do you still like the "Tiny Ghost" Asiatic Lily? Mine bloomed for about a week and now it is just a tall stand of green leaves.