Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday Night Fun

Remember when every Friday night was fun and you always had plans to do something with friends? I'm looking forward to this Friday evening. I'm going to go throw some dice with friends in a little game that we like to call... Bunko. Yep that's right. I'm a sub tonight and will be enjoying bunko and margaritas. Only I will be limiting my intake of margaritas due to the fact that I must drive home and I wouldn't want to put my family through a senseless tragedy out of stupidity. So "just say no...after one" is my motto for tonight. And not only will I be enjoying myself but so will Ray and the kids. Ray's friend, Brandon, and his kids are coming over to our house to hang out. I'm excited for my kids. I love when they have something to look forward to, except when they talk about it every minute of everyday until the fun arrives.


Tanya said...

Have fun tonight! Hope you're the big winner, aka, the Bunko Bitch.

DeeBee said...

There's no doubt that I'll be the bitch, but the bunko bitch... not so sure.