Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Looking Ahead and Behind

My days at work have gone by quickly and it helped that we were busy. Both days I had work that I wasn't able to finish, so that is what I'll do today.

Caitlin and I are looking forward to Phoenix. New places to shop! Whoop..whoop!! Lots to look forward to. One of the girls on our team and who also goes to school with Caitlin is needing a room to stay in so we have offered our room. I'm not sure if her mom will accept because I think she's a little put out with me for making a big fuss about people paying their own way. (I'll always remember that day with fondness... I had the best time:-) This was way back when we had a different player and her mom had no qualms about taking advantage of the families on our team. Anyway, this mom of this friend of Caitlin's got caught in the crossfire because she had to ask for help a time or two. She always paid her own way but she still took the ordeal personal. Whatever! But I do like her daughter, she's very nice. And I hope she stays with us.

If I had it to do that whole thing over again... I'd do the same thing. Things have changed for the better on our team.


Tanya said...

Will you swing by here sometime and decorate my mantle (mantel?)...yours is so cute. I'm working on mine but haven't put anything really together yet. Not feeling it.

I love the red!

Tanya said...

By the way, we're back to temperatures more in line with Claremore's. Great.