Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Down and then, Up again.

I was down with back problems this past weekend and end of last week. I was feeling pretty low about it because it has me incapacitated and I just went through this a month ago. But today was glorious! I don't know if I was just so happy to be feeling better or if it was because I had a good day at work the day before but my mood was way up there.

I'm seeing a chiropractor now and it just feels good to turn your problems over to someone else and allow them to help you. I hope I don't have too much faith in what he can do but I'm certainly hopeful that he's a miracle worker. I do have to say that I had minimal discomfort in my lower back today and I'm not sure that I've been that pain free in a month's time. Only time will tell if this doctor is helping but I'm really feeling like he is. I'm still noticing some discomforts in my leg which I was hoping would go away, but maybe with time.

Anywhooo... that's it for now.

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