Thursday, April 02, 2009

We have issues

I'm here to confess a moment that is directly related to me inheritating a family gene that I like to call "white trashicus". This gene has not been proven to be in Ray's family history but it must be there somewhere, or else I'm contagious.

We moved into this house ten plus years ago and shortly after, a storage building was built onto our property to protect our garden equipment. Ray bought paint for the shed that was suppose to match our house, but since he is color blind, it wasn't exactly a matching color. We had a blue storage building to go with our gray house. I will say that our gray house does have an ever-so-slight blue tint to the color, but it is still clearly gray.

This big blue eyesore sat to the back of our property but that didn't keep it from being in plain site of all our neighbors no matter where they live. Our poor neighbors. As for my family, we were immune to how ugly this looked because genetics made it possible for us to look the other way and forget. Much like one might see in one of those trashy type yards, it was our rusty car on blocks of cement.

But finally, after 10 long years and some available time during Spring Break, Ray and Cody repainted our little shed a beautiful, perfectly-matched-to-our-house, gray paint. And now when I come up the driveway, I can be proud when I see the little gray shed.

Everything just seems right in the world now. It's very healing.


♥georgie♥ said...

I was LOL@ white trashicus!!!
you are a walking promo for home depot with the exact color matching!

Happy for you that everything matches now...I am a matchey match gal myself...the beans hate it I am constantly saying "BUTTTT that doesnt match"

Dawn said...

LOL! I bet your neighbors are THRILLED!!

I worry too much about what people think so the outside of our house HAS to look good. But, don't you dare open a closet or the garage! LOL!

Soxy Deb said...

You need therapy.

I say this with love.

Petula said...

You're funny! The gray is nice, isn't it? Although I thought the blue was fine, but I thought maybe I'd need to see the house and shed together.

I'm so glad all is right with the world again. I was worried. LOL

android said...

LOL !!! what are you thinking