Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Green House

I've never been into recycling but I'm finding lately that I'm much more interested in conserving energy and living on natural sources. Probably what motivates me is the rising price of gas and the high cost of heat and cooling. So this article on Green Homes was one that I found interesting and I've seen other programs on HGTV on the same topic that grab my interest. I wish I were able to start incorporating this type of life but for now, I'll just keep changing out our light bulbs until we are free of those old energy burning bulbs and strictly using the more efficient "green" bulbs.

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Tanya said...

I guess it's starting to rub off on a lot of us that were never really "tree huggers" before. We now recycle aluminum, plastic, and cardboard. And that means we take apart and flatten every box like cereal, crackers, lunchables, 12-packs, etc. But I'm a long way off from being very green. The City of Midland is part of that problem!