Monday, December 10, 2007

Power outages

The electricity went out at about 3:20am. I stayed under the warm covers and decided not to think about it until a decent hour. I did manage to worry that we would be like some of the surrounding communities that have lost power
and wouldn't have it restored until Wednesday.

I couldn't help but think about those people who are without electricity. What's happens with the perishables in the refrigerator; how many days without a warm shower; how long does a day seem when you are huddled around a fireplace with no tv, music or lights; Is there enough wood to keep that fire going?
And to think that this is a way of life for some people everyday... IF they are fortunate enough to have a home to live in.

I was able to get back to sleep and even dreamed about something that had nothing to do with the ice and cold weather. I remember being a bit disappointed when I woke up and realized the dream was just a dream and my reality was that our power was still out. Luckily it was restored after only a couple of hours but continued to go off and on for rest of the morning.

Ray was outside this morning getting the ice off the cars and saw one tree across the street crack in half and fall to the ground. He said it was quite a sound. He heard another fall somewhere in the neighborhood. It's sad to think of the trees that will be lost in the aftermaths of this ice storm. We are hoping that our oak trees can hold on for another day or so without incidence.

UPDATE: Power out again! Hopefully not for long.

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