Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Clay soil + septic systems = problems

I had our septic service come out yesterday to check on our new pump station because it has a puddle that sits above it. I figured it was a leak or that something had come undone. Nope... it's just something that can't be helped due to the dirt, or what is commonly referred to around here as "clay". But the pump station is working beautifully so we are still free from backups.

Today is going to be much cooler and I can't say enough about how much I hate that. We still have work to be done in the backyard starting tomorrow so hopefully it warms up a bit and the wind stops blowing. Brrrrr.

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Tanya said...

It was cold here today too and a little breezy, but it's a nice change from the 80s. As long as we can go number 2 when we visit in a couple weeks, I'm happy.