Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Hi, I'm normal.. and you are?

I always seem to be between the wrong people in line most places I go. I've had long one sided conversations about someone's illnesses which, oddly enough, led to the history of the town I live in. My part of the conversation was me acknowledging that he was speaking.

On one fine day at the post office, I had an old man next to me that was trying to strike up any kind of conversation he could while on the other side of me I had a young guy that kept answering him even though he was speaking to me. And the young guy wanted to talk about the government and politics. I'm not sure the post office was the place to strike up that type of convo.

Yesterday I was standing between an older lady who apparently wanted to stand extremely close to me and a biker bitch in front. Unfortunately I was too close to the biker trying to put some distance between me and the old lady. And this was bad because the biker was quite odorous. Not like body odor, but something else strange and nasty. Something I won't soon forget.

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Anonymous said...

This is hilarious. And I can just see your face around these people, not disguising how you feel about being next to them. ;-)